Feedback on my recent GFX

What do y’all think of my recent military GFX I made for practice? I’ll accept any critique just let me know what I could’ve changed!


That is a really great gfx. Good job!


Looks pretty cool! I like the lighting that matches your gfx. Well done and keep up on the amazing job! :grin:

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In terms of realism it doesn’t make too much sense. It looks like US Marines using M14 rifles, and in the back you can see a Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf J (Panzer IV for simplification). Those were used by Nazi Germany during World War Two, which was in 1939-1945. You can also see a Willys MB (commonly referred to as the US Army Jeep), which was replaced by the Humvee in 1983. Seeing the soldier’s uniforms and equipment, as well as a modern fighter jet in the background and the desert landscape means this takes place in the War in Afghanistan, which starts in 2001.

The weapons should be replaced, the M14 was replaced by the M16 during the Vietnam war, and M14s aren’t used very much at all for combat anymore. Replace their weapons with M4s, the M16 is a bit older.

That Panzer IV should be changed to a modern tank like the M1 Abrams, assuming it is on the Americans side. The jeep should be changed with a Humvee, and I guess the fighter jet works.

For the render itself, I think the jet looks a bit out of place. Try adding effects like vapor trails. Adding more equipment on the ground, such as ammo cans, backpacks, and bullet casings would make the render look a lot more detailed. Looking again, the soldiers firing back aren’t actually holding their rifles, it’s sort of just above their shoulders. Try to readjust the weapons position.

Changing some props and adding a little more effects would make this look a lot better. Overall it’s pretty good.


Wow, this is amazing to know, I love WWII and I was recreating Medal Of Honor.


Why are modern soldiers holding m1 garands shouldnt they hold like more modern guns (im not too much of a historian so I may be a bit wrong) also add some people holding snipers too


I suggest switching the guns to a more modern kind like a m4 carbine or idk. Other than that it looks very nice!

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cool gfx but one question, why is modern military using outdated m14 carbines they are barley in use

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The sand looks too solid. Also maybe add more props.

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Only thing I would change is the way this guy

Is holding the gun. The stock of the gun should be going against his shoulder. That would be an extremely uncomfortable way to shoot.
Also like others have said, Use a more modern rifle. That’s not even the gun the army uses. Here is a picture of the correct way to hold a gun and the type of gun the army uses
the name of the gun you should be using is M4A1 5.56mm Carbine


I like it a lot, but maybe add some more objects that are a little darker in the trenches maybe to make it not so blinding. lol

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What do you suggest I add to make it darker? Either way it’s gonna be pretty bright in the middle of a desert.

Maybe add some ammo boxes or more rocks, I can’t think of much right now.

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For simple correction all of the soldiers are using M14 rifles.

I think that @PIatinumBlaze wanted the soldiers to have older rifles, and have older vehicles be combined with new weapons. But I would agree and say they probably should hold modern equipment and have modern vehicles, it makes more sense visually.


Looks great, would love to use something like it for one of my games, message me for details.