Feedback On My Recent Logo


Hello! I am Alland75, (also known as TheVenomousDove) and I am trying to achieve a new logo for this new game I am making. I have made the logo for it already, but I would like some honest opinions of this logo. I am not the best digital artist, so I have tried my best with it. Let me know if there is things I should play around with when editing this logo.

It isn’t the best digital artwork I have done, but it is suitable. This is for a fighting game where you fight in a office. (I know it sounds a little bit weird, but you will understand once more development is done.) I would like constructive criticism about this logo. I would love to see your replies and ideas to make this logo better. Thank you for reading this! ^ _ ^



Looks good overall, however it doesn’t really look like it’d be a fighting game based on the logo, maybe include some people standing on the logo or something with weapons. Hope this helps!


Its hard to explain this, but this fighting game is supposed to be goofy. You fight with office materials, not weapons. But thanks for the suggestion!


Hi! The logo looks pretty good, but I have a few suggestions.

As mentioned, I believe you should show in some way that it’s a fighting game through the logo. I understand that the game is meant to be goofy, but I still think there must be some way you can show it is a fighting game. Other than that, it’s a fairly good logo.

If you’d like to go beyond, I’d look into making it 3D and add lots of detail. It’s really simple at the moment, and if that’s what you’re going for then that’s fine. You mentioned that you’re not really a digital artist, so I understand if you are just going for something simple. If you’re willing to spend time and learn many things then I recommend taking inspiration from the attached photo.


You could achieve something like this by using simple things such as gradients, brushes, and strokes!


Thanks for that suggestion! I am taking your word for the logo.


This logo suggests a school setting more than an office setting to me, but it’s just my opinion. Other than that, I think you should make additions that shows the fighting element (it can be really just as simple as two pens/pencils making an X cross). GLHF!


I think some gloves on the logo making it look more like fighting would be better.
Because with that logo its just looks like an educational game.


I make logos myself, so I know what is good and what isn’t. (At least I think I do Lol) Very creative logo and I think with something like a school weapon fighting related game, it works perfectly! Love it! :hidere:


Thank you for the suggestion! Very much appreciated.

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I will try that. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Thank you for the suggestion! I will try not to make it like a school. I will put that X cross for the logo though, very good idea!

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Overall this is a design which is fitting pretty well to an office, but not to an fighting game. At the moment it has a relatively calming effect on me. Add some more action to it! Maybe a little fighting scene in front of it, where two 2D players are fighting with pencils or throwing with paperballs.
The players could also fight on top of letters (there’s a good area above T and H).

Be creative!


Thanks for the handful of suggestions!

The logo looks very nice. However, like somebody else said, small details like players fighting on top of the letters would make it look better!

You could also add a dark outline across the letters, to make it more vibrant and to make it stand out more.


Thanks for the suggestion! I am currently making edits to the logo now. I will add things in.

The logo style is excellent and really brings off how the game is a goofy and fun fighting game, I believe that if you did something with the ‘OFFICE’ text maybe turn the I into a pot of pens and pencils or maybe the O into a coffee mug or something that really shows that there is office equipment.

I personally really like this logo and would check out the game as it catches my eye, the colours are appealing and overall gives a clean look.