Feedback on my recently published game

Hello guys!

I am seeking for feedback for my Roblox Christmas game called “MerryChristmas!”. It is a story game. I am currently working heavily on reworking the Boss Battles and making changes to make a more enjoyable gameplay. Therefore I am asking for your feedback.

Thank you!


the game is slow paced and also i saw a bug where i found the radio quickly then the text was glitching out also sometimes your just waiting

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Thanks for your feedback. I will definitely fix this! Did you already see the Dialog between the Major and the Nutcracker? If yes, you would you rate it?


I think that dialogue will get boring for some players, and also since the mayors office is so small it should only be like a 10 second wait before the dialogue actually happens and the mayors door opens

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Ok, great suggestions! What about the Boss Battles, are they balanced in your opinion? Any suggestions?

Thank you very much :slight_smile: !
Have a nice day!

well they could be better. the thing is u started creating this game on the 21nd and u put this dev forum on the 23rd, the game was only being made for 2 days. Theres alot of things you can improve in the game you could find by testing it or planning the game out

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I am working on the game since 3 months but I just republished it under our group. Yeah I know - There is so much that has to be fixed or improved. I just asked if someone could provide their perspectives. But your suggestions were very good!