Feedback on my recreation of blade balls mechanics?

I tried to recreate blade balls gameplay for fun.
What do you think out of 10?


Damn, I give it a 10/10 :100: :saluting_face:
Good job!


human ping pong



Looks really good! 10/10

What else are you going to at the this game, or is it just a small project?

It’s rlly good a bit buggy but still

Amazing! How did you go about creating this? I tried to create one myself but encountered a problems with syncing ball position in the server to the one in the client.

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Nice job on recreating the mechanic. It looks good.

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Cool!, Did you have a plan to sell this one?

very accurate mechanics, just dont think the ball goes where your camera rotates to, but you could make it open sourced/uncopylocked because i guess you made it for fun, also do you know how to make it die when you dont defend the ball? using magnitude doesnt work very well

yea i need the source for my game because i have the same issue, magnitude actually doesnt work very well like i expected

the ball curves where you are looking. Did you watch the video? It behaves in the same way that blade ball’s ball system does.

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i meant if you look up the ball goes up does blade have that?

nevermind it has that system

That’s crazy accurate. What did you use for the ball? Physics Constraints like LineForce? Tweens? Linear interpolation?

GG, pretty accurate represenation, curious on how you made it and what you used to curve the ball



(nvm) thanks for the tip

can you please make this open source (uncopylocked)