Feedback on my recreation of the Talent Hub. (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

We all hate the talent hub correct? Well I’m recreating it in Roblox and wanted some feedback on it. :slight_smile:


Not the best in security since the Talent Hub is recorded by ROBLOX to prevent scams to get free content from people.

Hello, thank you for your feedback, but what do you mean by security? Like higher chance of being scammed? We’re adding lots of security to the game like a report system.

Not to be rude but this seems, in some aspects like the lobby, where I guess you join, seems a bit rushed. Also a report system would help but Roblox Talent Hub has security checks which check and moderate every aspect of it. Also if you would a suggestion from me, remove or change the material of the neon text, this could be a pretty nice booth/commissions hangout center but definitly not the Talent Hub.

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I would agree, it is like a booth/commissions hangout center, but it could be the Talent Hub, but it would be a lot different than it is.

Isn’t this just GRP?

It could be better to be honest. The text isn’t alligned, the room with booths isn’t very interesting, etc. Understandable since it’s under construction. You should include logs to prevent scams. Something as simple as admin chatlogs can help with moderation.


Thank you for the feedback, also it’s like GRP, except it doesn’t go down all the time and it’s for developers to take commissions, that’s why the booths aren’t as interesting, also I knew something was off about, so thank you for pointing that out.

HD admin instantly makes a game look bad

  1. Get rid of the neon text, it’s so out of place.
  2. Make the walls a similar color, very odd that it changes from a brown to a beige color.
  3. I would make it more of an outdoor scene because it seems more natural that way.
  4. Contributors shouldn’t be in the same area as the booths… that’s just odd.
  5. I’d recommend making the Roblox logo rotate, would be cooler that way.
  6. Last thing, why is the floor wood texture and wall wood texture the same? You should definitely change that.

If you don’t cringe by using more free models you can get a model called “HD admin icon remover” or something along those lines.

About this opinion, to you it might look bad, but to me and many other people it is merely ignored.

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  1. I made the text no longer neon.
    2.I thought it would look better with different colors.
    3.I thought making an outdoor wouldn’t look at good, so I decided to do an inside.
    4.I’m not sure what you mean by contributors and I would need more info on that.
  2. Yes, I was planning to make a script where it rotates.
  3. I would say it looks better with the same color, but this is my opinion.

So the only thing I agreed to change is the neon text, because it screws up the lighting of the lobby.

Also HD admin sucks, admin essentials is 100 times more better, HD is like troll admin.

I thought the investors, programmers etc were contributors, now that I looked at it, I figured it’s just the sections of developers.

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This is how I finished the lobby. Your opinion on it?

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