Feedback on my render! #5

Hi, it’s me again! I am hoping to receive feedback and advice from you guys to improve on my renders/GFX. This time it’s just a render not a GFX. I started 4 days ago and I’m working on improvement.

In the back is a lightroom to manipulate the light on the program. Nothing special.
Please let me know your thoughts on it!
Also if I did turn this render into a GFX, what should I add? What should I do with it? Or what would look the best?


Greetings, your render has a good quality to be honest, though it would be better if you could add a scenic or lively background so it may get the crowds attention to look at your render.

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A few things that you could add would be some atmosphere and a background apart from that it looks rather good

This looks pretty good! You could maybe add a fitting background other than that. It looks quite nice.

Looks good! I would maybe add some things to the background though!

I can totally do that and add effects. That was just the render and I wanted to know what people thought before I started. Thanks so much

Wow this looks awesome. :astonished:

Looks really good your a good artist but try add a background btw looks great

This looks awesome, to really critique, great job!

I would add a little more detail but looks great