Feedback on my Restaurant!

Hey everyone, I am currently working on a Restaurant for my group (Or potentially selling it as well) and I need feedback on it. Keep in mind the Roof is still not done, and I still have to add some stuff outside, thanks!


The restaurant lo looks great! You said you are still working on it but I would add a door to the front (possibly glass). There are a few parts around that are Z-Fighting/Overlapping, however these are minimal and are barely noticeable to the average player.

The interior looks a bit empty. At the back where the cashiers would stand, maybe add a counter in the middle of the kitchen area (if you know what I mean). The menus are floating, but I am sure once the roof is finished that you will have that fixed. I would also duplicate those menus and bring them to the other side of the counter just to balance it out.

Overall, the restaurant looks amazing and is something that with some more detail added could be fully sell able!


Yeah, the doors are still being worked on right now, same as the menu! The feedback on the kitchen is really helpful though, thank you!

The restaurant itself looks really good! I agree with what @NightsinLA said about the menus, i also think the ipads on the counter seem a little small.

Another thing i noticed was when i spawned in, i was looking towards the water and not the restaurant, and when i turned around the main thing i saw was the crazy bright sun.

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I love the restaurant, it’s very well made but maybe you could make it possible to press the menu and a GUI will pop up on your screen so it’s easier to read, because it can be hard to read.

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Good Idea! I will probably do that this is just raw build no scripts yet, thank you for the feedback!

This very well made I love it! I love the outside with all the tree’s and terrian.

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It’s definitely a good start, like the use of textures if this is a sorting style of restaurant the interior should feature more decoration, items props to Intense the design. It’s depends on what your restaurant is set in (Modern, Italian, American ect).

The interior should be a more attractive to players that come across this. The current grey-ish material you seem to have used for the cashier, counter as it seems a little unappealing you’ll see counters will normally feature a lighter texture so that it could have its own style instead of having the interior have similar designs. I would try experimenting with different items try placing chandeliers or different seating colors.

Add dividers, try to not create a bunch of windows maybe have a few windows different from the original ones. The exterior looks interesting perhaps throw some entrance plants and lighting source that gives customers some light to see. Overall liking the layout it’s just the textures, decorations just needs some work.

It’s supposed to be a modern appealing restaurant thats why it’s so simplistic because you wouldn’t see all those bright colors in a real restaurant.

Looks nice! :slightly_smiling_face: I find the buildings really intriguing, but sadly the trees don’t compliment it very nicely. I would suggest making the trees in blender, for a more professional/clean look to them. Other than that, great job!