Feedback on my Retrowave beat

Hey there,
today I’m here to share a new project of mine with you, and get some proper feedback.

As the title suggests, the genre I’m going for is retrowave / synthwave. I aim to make more of these in the future for my coming cyberpunk-style game project.

Be as harsh as you want with the feedback, as long as it is constructive critism, I’m happy.


Best regards,

  • AlexPalex178

Sounds really cool. Would be better if you add a good start because it just starts immedietly. Also its quite repetitive which just makes it boring honestly.


Thanks for your useful feedback! I can relate to what you’re saying, because the dynamics and the intros/outros of tracks are very important and can heavily influence the overall feel.


Yes and ofcourse the middle part as its just one base repeating and repeating.

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As Crypt mentioned it does get very repetitive really quickly. Try adding in different chords, different melodies, etc to give the listener something new and interesting to listen to.

I do like the laid back 80’s synth vibe it gives off though. You’re heading in the right direction so far!


There is a real good atmosphere in this music. I like that :+1:

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New, redone version releasing this week for further feedback!

Thanks for all your valuable feedback so far, stay tuney!