Feedback on my roblox game

I made a game on roblox and i wanted to ask some feedback.
What can i make better?
Can i add something?
Game link here: Sad Vibe Hangout - Roblox
Thanks For the feedback!


It’s really nice, one thing i’d reccomend is that whenever you copy / paste trees, make them smaller/bigger or rotate them around that way it doesn’t seem that much of a copy / paste trees.

Maybe consider adding animations, some places to sit around in with custom poses and such. Anyways that’s all for me.

It gives a nice vibe tbh, even if i played for just a minute or 2.


It’s not bad! I think there’s not really much going on. I do recognize some free models in the game too. You should also change the CameraMaxZoomDistance. The trees also are all the same size and facing the same way.

I honestly like the game though, it’s pretty calming and relaxing. The music fits in pretty well. I cant wait to play it once you’re finished!


The game looks not bad:

But there’s things that can be bad for your game which is the free models. If you don’t know, there are some certains models that have scripts that can modificate your game and make your account banned. For example, the popular Roblox YouTuber Flamingo got his account banned back in 2019 for a game that he made which had free models.

Your game have 8 free models (couldn’t find the ancient japan but still consider as a free model) and only one of them is a trusted one which is the Lantern:

I recommend you to make your own builds so you don’t need to worry about problems with virus inside of those free models. Can take some time to make it but I believe that you can do this models by yourself with your own creativity instead of using things that are already made Remember that!


if there is a virus then just get a studio defender and get rid of them

Is there a Studio defender? :thinking:

its a plugin Server Defender | OFFICIAL PLUGIN - Roblox


it was featured by a few popular youtuber and it kind of got viruses off my game

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If this plugin works 100% to remove any virus in free models, then okay

it does work just check the comment

The game is On my group Schould my account get banned then? or just my group?

Thanks ill check it out, is it 100% protected if i use it?

I would diversify the trees and add a few more different trees and maybe add a hill so the terrain isn’t just flat. But overall good game.

I would add some mountains or something around the edges of the map because right now it looks a bit unfinished. Also maybe make it so you can enter some of the buildings. On top of what has been said about free models and copy / paste trees by other people.

I agree with @JuanGamerPlayz_RBLX you used mainly free models… maybe look in some videos on how to make those models in blender or on roblox studio, and you can add more things too.

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Thanks everyone for your feedback.
But i cant build for a long time so i have to find anyone who can build for free.
i will use all ur ideas and put the mountains different trees and buildings in it Thanks to all!

I believe that it’s going to be just your account, the group stays

the game is on my group.
then is just my group getting banned not my account or am i wrong?

The game is going to be Content Deleted which means that the assets of the game are going to be deleted and Roblox will automatically replace with a normal baseplate. Your account I believe is going to get banned and the group not, the group is going to be alive