Feedback on my roblox game

Hello I have just finished developing my roblox games and I would like a feedback to know if my games are good.

You must be minimum 2 to play.

It’s hide and seek where we are in a team.

At the start the 2 teams each on their map must hide then after the time reaches 0 you have to look for the opposing team, it is the team that has found everyone or that has found the most enemies if the time reaches 0 which wins the game.

do you have any ideas and advice for that players find and play my game?

Here you can find the link of the games :

I hope not to be in the wrong category.


Right Category
waiting for somebody atm pls play with me :sleepy:

Straight off the bat the lobby looks really nice and clean. I like the little obby. But there are two conflicting building styles. The bush is blocky while the trees are smooth and low poly.

Interesting concept I thought it would be more of like a freeze tag or prop hunt type style. I didn’t expect it to clone the player. The first map I played on did not have a lot of hiding spots I played on:

Seems fun but not a lot of players playing so idk