Feedback on my Safari GFX

Hiya developers!

Could you give me any future advice of what I could do better on this GFX for my upcoming game?
I have currently still opened Blender with the GFX in it so just spit the ideas out, and it would be appreciated very much!


It looks great, but I would make the grass bigger as right now it looks like it just “ends” or something. It might just be me but I can’t quite figure out the proportions. You could also try changing the sky.


I like the campfire scene, the grass you could do some better at, try looking up some videos about making grass, you can even do the grass particle system in blender. Also, the fire really doesn’t emit that much light to, try adding more light sources to better that .
Also, as far as the background detail, you could’ve added some tents or tress to make it more as a camp fire scene.
Hope this helped on later on in the future :two_hearts: .


Definitely! Thanks for your feedback.

Thanks for your opinion and tips!

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It looks good but the grass is so weird 0_0

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Maybe try making the grass plane to be a large stretch with trees in the background so they are not sitting on the edge of a void.

add some post proccessing to make it look better, too and have better flame effects

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Waaay better. The grass in the original looked like malformed flames, not grass lol.

I thought the ground was a pile of bananas haha. But it looks great, maybe add some trees.

More realistic grass, lighting, wood and fire maybe. Use PBR texture btw. Also, add a background like trees to make the render have more depth.

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Better lighting and grass. Background looks bare as well.

Make the grass longer and thinner put some bump on the surface cause it looks too flat. And the background. Put something in the background. I know the surface is just plane so you better put something to mask that background. and theres no fire. for some reason.

I agree but the fire doesn’t necessarily have to change too much, just because I think it’s a particular style and I like it quite a bit.

The grass and the fire texture could be modified so that they don’t look so smooth and untextured.

The sky is a little plain and unrealistic.

But other than the background and the probs the characters look pretty good.


As someone who Has gone on many Safaris in his life I would recommend adding trees in the background. and Perhaps try adding better effects by the fire. the lighting is decent though.

This one is better but feels quite plain as well try not having the ground flat an give it thicker brush. you could also have it fade out with fog to make it seem larger.

It looks pretty linear and simple, try to put bumps on the plane.
it’s not bad for a beginner if you ask me.