Feedback on my Sci-fi Artillery Tank

Hi! Thanks for reading.
So about a week ago, I spent about 5-6 hours building a Sci-fi theme artillery tank, and I would like some feedback about the detail, color, texture, etc. For all the advanced builders you are welcome to send me some feedback.

Some random info about me
•Five year experience builder.
•I like building robots and machines, I can build almost anything if I have some references.
•I can’t script, and I’m new to the dev forum.

Here are some images of the model from difference angle:

Game link if anyone is interested: Model showcase. - Roblox

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That is really good very detail I like this so much keep it up. :heart_eyes:


HOLY!!! That is just amazing! That’s incredible! Keep up the good work!


I like how you have taken one concept then completely changed it to a futuristic look! It looks brilliant. Keep it up!

One thing, are the cannons the two arms on the sides?

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Yes, those are Plasma Cannon. 30

Ah, nice! I thought I would check in case I made a fool of myself. :joy:

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Feel free to say anything I don’t mind. :wave:

It’s really good detail of your build, but I see the bottom of the line build, which has a very dark shades, which some stuff can turn to none-light to light only for the bottom, or some little bit white, but I really like the shadows in the ground of your Sci-fi Artillery Tank. But, all of it looks really nice of the outline for the Plasma Cannon, but can you put some tiny bit texture in the Plasma Cannon of metal, or any type metal will work, like some grays though, but the rest of the texture looking good for now.

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Thank you for your feed back I will definitely do better in the future.

Looks great!
From a mechanical background I have a bit of an issue with the way the wheels are set up. It seems like turning would involve pivoting the whole ‘leg’ around the hip joint and with that much length in the whole leg assembly I see this tank tipping over pretty easily in a sharp turn. In a turn the outer legs would have to pivot inwards toward the center of the vehicle quite a bit and the top-heavy setup of the vehicle would cause it to fall over.

Thanks for the feed back, though the build is only for showcase, but you have a good point.

Absolutely speechless, you’re so talented this looks wonderful.

Letting you know that I’ve recategorised this post to Cool Creations. We prefer to keep support categories for resolving any actual issues with an area of development on Roblox while you can flex your wings and showcase what you’ve made under Cool Creations.


that really amazing i have never seen anything like that

Thank you I will keep that in mind.