Feedback on my sci-fi/Apocalyptic Track (Wasteland!) Updated!

Hello again! Some of you saw my first race track, an arctic race track. But this time, I will show you my wasteland track!

A lot of you said this track was not very sci-fi. Well, I added some neon in the cave and some oil pumps(Present day pumps, to give you the idea this has been a wasteland for a long time.). The oil pumps are free models. I also reduced the fog a bit. Thanks for all the feedback!


Hi, Nice track but this track doesn’t look like exactly Sci-fi more like apocalypse map.
but still that very nice and detailed game. Maybe fog is too huge?


That’s the look of the track I wanted. The other tracks are more sci-fi, but the story about this one is that it was a nuclear war zone. Glad you like it tho!

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In the second image, the cracks dont seem like they fit into the other cracks, and it doesn’t look really sci - fi to me,

maybe add a bit of neon as like some remains of intact structures

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Should I rename the post? The game I built the track for is sci-fi, but I will add more neon.

You should, but still say that it’s a Sci fi because you said it was a, “sci fi” ruin/apocalypse

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I agree with most others about it not being all that sci-fi and more of an apocalypse thing only, I think if you reduced the fog it would help and maybe add some spaceships or UFOS in the sky if you still want it to be sci-fi and apocalypse.

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I’ve decided to start creating some huge sci-fi pumps with neon. I also will reduce the fog. Your idea for spaceships are a good idea.