Feedback on my SCP-Style Map Designs

I am looking for feedback on my SCP-style map. It is based on my own fictional Wikipedia called DELTA Industries (not affiliated with SCP). I have started with a futuristic design, and what I call ‘construction site’ - the yellow and black colours in proximity - each Zone in the map will have a different hallway type. The one displayed on the images is used in Zones 1 and 2.


What do you think of this? Would you play this if it was in a completed game? Let me know!

If you would like to see more of it, including in-game showcases, please send me a friend request.


I would definitely play this, it looks polished and has a simple design that looks like it could run okay on lower end devices.
If I had to add something, I might say to lower the intensity ever-so slightly, to give it a bit of contrast.
Overall, I love it!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Wow looks super clean, specially the vent!, i would definitely play an sct game built in these style of maps.

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This SCP-style map looks good! Nice job on it!


If you are hiring a scripter tell me I would be interested in working on an SCP game.


From experience, I recommend not using ROBLOXs newest materials unless you can find the “fine line” with it to make it seem seamless, especially if you are not experienced - some work on the lighting and more “bulking” to the structure itself and you got yourself a good start, perhaps some little details to the doors? :slight_smile:

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