Feedback on my Second GFX

Howdy iChiiN5 here!

This is my second GFX, I’ve tried making a western themed gfx for this one!

I’ve learned more about making gfx and I’ve tried new thing’s
but I still feel like I’m lacking some of the knowledge of making GFX,
But I wanna hear what you Guy’s have to say about my second work and what are the thing’s I messed up on.
I feel like it’s more clean in a way than my first GFX.


I think it looks awsome and very cool


Very aesthetic, but I don’t think people stand sideways on a slanted sand dune if you observe very carefully.


haha i know, but it’s just the camera view that make’s it look like the sand dune it’s slanted. :happy3:


Thank you! but if you have anything in mind that I can correct please do tell me :cool:

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It looks very well made for your second GFX! I am sure you’ll improve over time.


Nice western vibe. Make that the gun little bit recoiling

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the dust particles don’t look real. the background lighting (dunes) don’t fit in, the sand and stuff doesn’t have bump maps so it’s just flat, remove the hair cus its clipping, te\he arm thats holding the guy is holding it awkwardly,and maybe he should LOOK in the way he is shooting? the arm thats removing the glasses has kind of been punctured by glasses, you need more dust and particles, make him stand less slanted (or if the camera is slanted, make it slant less) and better posing overall.

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I think he should keep the dust particles it gives it more of a western finna do a dual match. The dunes and lighting dose fit It shows the setting. But I would recon mend a little darker lighten for him. Overall 9/10! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!


Yeah, I was planning to make it recoiled a bit but it looked awkward a bit while I was rendering it so I decided to pose it like already relaxed and pointed straight forward again

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I did add bumps on the map I guess it’s not noticeable enough :doh:

Yeah I did saw that, but I had already rendered it so I just made work with it :cry:

I made it that way too make it more dramatic!

It was very awkward when I was trying to pose with it

I really don’t like putting too much particles and effects cause it look’s messy imo

imma keep that in mind but I don’t really like it too look generic and some generic posing looks boring too look at sometimes.

Thank you!! :happy4:
I did edited the background a LOT, I couldn’t decided on what I wanted so i just picked the one that matched with the ground my character us standing on! :doh:

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I really hope so haha :hidere: I’m always trying to make it better but I really feel like I’m lacking something that attracts people to my work.

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I wanna be a cowwwbboooyy baby I wanna be a cowwbooy.

(but this GFX is really good! The background is AMAZING and you did a fabulous job on the shading!)

YEEEHHAWW! :cowboy_hat_face:
(Thank you very much!! you and the other’s support keeps me going! I’m also planning to start doing commission once November rolls up cause you people give me enough confidence :cool: so thank you!)

The background doesn’t blend in too well and the smoke coming out of the gun looks fake. I don’t like how the guy’s hand is clipping into his glasses.

Other than that, I don’t have any criticism to address. Great work.

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That is an outstanding GFX for your 2nd time making one!

It’s just that something seems a little dull in the background, I’m not sure if it’s the theme or the sky. But this is just in my opinion.


im saying to add MORE dust and more stuff like that

That is true, I was trying to make the background match up with the ground that my character was standing on I guess it’s the sky (also thank you!)

Yeah, the glasses we’re kind of annoying to pose with the character it always came out awkward so I just settled for that.

The background was kinda hard to match with the ground, since I don’t have much experience with editing picture’s and stuff. (I’ve been doing GFX for about 2 weeks now, also thanks!)