Feedback on my second UI

Hey! It would be cool if anyone can give some feedback and constructive criticism on my second UI. I started using photoshop this month and started UI designing two days ago, tips from UI designers would be cool too!


Looks awesome for your first UI, scaling and padding look a bit off tho. Also, the contrast for the icons on the bottom left and the text in the top right isn’t great either.

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I will try work on it, thanks!

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Hmm. I guess scaling seems to a be an issue throughout my work, I’ll keep it in mind for future reference!

Updated! (TwentyTwoCharacters)

Very well done; I love the style <3
However, since this is a store where you buy in game currency, I would strongly suggest using the ‘ROBUX’ logo instead of the USD logo.
Feedback #2 would probably be adding some more texture lines to the gem!
Feedback #3 would be to make the icons bigger. There’s a lot of blank space.
That’s about it, well done! <3

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Thanks alot, I didn’t realise that. My fault.

I appreciate it! and I’ll be taking all your feedback into consideration.

Like the creative design and color scheme placed onto the UI design looks interesting. However, a few things you could do to improve your design to look more eye catching. (I don’t claim to be a UI designer so take this with a grain of salt).

Fix your scaling the UI boxes don’t meet up they look off a bit. Basically, you could scale them to meet up with each other the “4 boxes don’t look centered” which gives the design a bland and rushed look make sure your proportion meets up don’t leave empty areas with nothing there.

The design, of the cart and currency logos are decent the details & color are good, which turned out quite nicely you should adding another shade of color for the filling of the purchase button something you’ll see in existing games rounded corner button.

In my opinion, i don’t like the white color scheme selected for everything, it kind of looks here and there add vibrant colors to intense the design a bit more the off proportion seems to be ruining the design if this was for just practice design you could probably take this and see what you can do to improve it.

Try putting more effort into your design if your wanting a better look.

Proportion off in certain areas - corners of the UI

Thanks a lot, Jordan! I will certainly work on improving colour scheme and proportions if it’ll help improve my work.

Thanks for the feedback :slightly_smiling_face: