Feedback on my Shop Gui


Hello, so as seen above is my shop gui! I wanted to go for a yellow-orange color scheme but it just seems kind of off. Any suggestions on how I could make this better? I wanted the category buttons to stand out but now it looks goofy. I’m absolutely stuck.


It feels a bit clunky and too bright (imho). I think the “Slap Styles” button is a bit odd looking, the text is stretching side to side and it makes it feel cluttered.

It looks simplistic from the start what theme are you going for realistic, cartoony, ect?

The rounded buttons look a bit cluttered as the text is filling up the entire background and gives the design a bland look consider checking others design so you could get general ideas on how you want yours to look like.

Have you considered making the text not hit the rounded borders play around and find ways to make each button align the exact scale and proportion. In my opinion, I don’t like the color scheme selection everything looks washed out and not matching; experiment into adding some vibrant colors to enhance the design a bit more. You could probably take this and see what you can do to improve the quality of it.

Otherwise there is still space for improvements i would always use reference images related to (Shop GUI).

I like the simple style you we’re going for, but there are a few things i would fix myself

  • the text in the buttons is way too big, indeed it doesnt fit the rounded buttons
  • the overall UI is way too bright, and the things that are important don’t stand out
  • try to experiment with more colors, it would look cool

All things aside i pretty much do like it and it seems really cool ! Keep it going.

Sincerely, Cloudly