Feedback on my shop scripting!

I scripted this automatic shop!
There is video of it!

Some of feedback or suggestion will be good!


Add some sort of easing style to it, like elastic or bounce.

It looks pretty cool I must tell. I believe a little more UI designing is required to make it perfect.
Keep it up well done!

Why does it take a while for the tools to be given? It could be way faster, like using an if statement and seeing if the player has been given the gamepass in their inventory would be way easier than just playing a animation for 30 seconds :confused:

it looks descent, i would change the shape or color of the shop UI and the term “robux accepted” sounds weird

I will say why, I’m don’t want sameone scam system and get free gamepass so I waiting bc roblox need some time to give you gamepass to inventory so ater 30 seconds I checking if player really have a gamepass if yes then I will give them if no that I will not give them.

The first thing that caught my attention is that the loading icon (the one with the two arrows) is going in the opposite direction that the arrows are pointing.
Something I would add/change is to display the gamepass price on the screen before they press they buy button. (This is under the assumption that the description would not be used for that.)