Feedback on my shop UI

Hello, I need feedback on my Shop UI, thanks.
It’s very basic but im trying :man_standing::grin:


Looks pretty good! Only thing I think you should imrpove on is the pink button(which I’m assuming is the ‘buy’ button), as I think you should try making it a shade of green or yellow instead of pink.

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The art style is solid, and extremely clean. I think I’m following along with @TomskiKiller, you should contrast it some more to help make it pop. Other than that, not a single complaint!

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This looks absolutely amazing! The one piece of feedback I would have is changing up where the close button is to one of the top corners. Otherwise this is am amazing shop.

One tip is to watermark your art so no one can steal it. Happy drawing!

Maybe put the close (X) button up in the left corner cause i don’t like in the middle. But other then that it’s really really good. :+1: