Feedback on my showcase game

Hello guys! I have been working on a showcase game called “winter woods”. Its not finish yet. Really need a creative suggestion on how I improve this game, so it doesn’t look plain. Oh btw, It also got a secret place, have fun searching for it ^^


Honestly, man, it looks amazing. Love the fact that everything is correctly scaled because a lot of people don’t scale the objects accordingly with the character.
(Loving the peggle night music too :heart_eyes:)


Game looks great, keep it up! My computer can barely handle it though, lol.


Thank you for your feedback!, do you found the secret place yet? :wink:

Oh ya! still figuring out how to reduce the lag, will update later thoo

great graphics, but the walk speed is wayyy too slow. Your game is about exploring, but with the walk speed that low I left the game.

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Love it. Had no problems running it so idk about the lag thing. Maybe try setting steaming …
I like this a lot and have done things like this also. Walk speed is fine. Only odd thing I seen was the heater on the outside. Other than that it looks like you really put some love into this. I would like to have them sitting objects where did you find them? Or did you create that yourself… very cool.


It’s very peaceful and beautiful, great job!

I think I found the secret!

Love the part where you can cry in the corner of the shower, too

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The only issues I have are in regards to lighting. This campfire at the beginning for example has no light coming out of it.


Yeah, overall, some of the lighting could be improved upon to look nicer, but for the most part this is a great showcase. Good work!


ahh, I see. I will increase the speed next update!. Really sorry for that ^^

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Oh! About the heater outside, I combined a lot of tiny houses references, and there’s heater outside, I don’t know why but it seems cool, so why not? :grimacing:

Ah yes! Congratulations, you found the secret place! Glad you found it! Thanks for your feedback ^^

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Ah I forgot to put any lighting there, probably need to add point light on those woods, Thank you!

My r15 avatar kept getting stuck in the ceilings of both houses. I had to reset to finish the game.

I really like the coherent colour scheme! I’ll give these small criticisms:

  1. the bathroom door handle could use a bit more detail.
  2. the draughts blow into the house. Fortunately, the simple shape of the building makes blocking them quite trivial.

Very beautiful graphics, animations and music.

I dislike:

  • invisible walls
  • lack of run
  • lack of clear objectives (especially when combined with the above 2)
  • too many bum captures; places to sit, in first cabin.

GPU performance is still modest, IMO, probably because those pretty trees can be duplicated a lot.

i feel like the idea itself was executed quite well but in terms of the aesthetics i’d say there was something to be desired. mostly the mix of meshed items, roblox materials and built details kind of clash. I’d suggest playing around with surface appearance/pbr materials since they would help things to mix, i think it would benefit the secret cabin especially. since right now both the inside and outside look quite bland compared to the main cabin and the meshed items used in both spaces… hope i wasnt too harsh :slight_smile: