Feedback on my showcase game

Hey, i’ve decided to continue to expand a showcase game i used to work on a while back. The thing is that i really don’t know where to continue. I was wonder if anyone here has any secret tips they use to get inspiration especially when it comes to organic building. I’ve included couple screenshots from ingame.

There are bunch more areas than the ones shown in the picture but i think everyone will get the theme.

The game itself:


Nice detail, love the work! Staying tuned for future showcases

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Great detail and lighting, nice work!

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Thanks, i do have another showcase which is a library with all types of different areas. Currently not working on it because i do want to expand this game with all kinds of fun ideas (even though it already takes a while to go through everything even after i added TPs)

I don’t know how, but I want to see this fully adapted into a full game. The attention to detail and the atmosphere you throw the players into have me hooked! I wanted to explore every single area of this showcase game. Great job and keep it up!

Fair, but the map could only be used as maybe like a RP game unless u overhaul some of the areas. But making it a RP game could be something for the future.

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It looks great in my opinion. The game looks a bit horror. 6 out of 10.

This showcase game looks great! Nice job on it!