Feedback on my showcase game

I want to know your opinions on this tree of life showcase I made. Any feedback is appreciated.

Some pics:

Game link: Tree Of Life - Roblox


is it only about the tree in the middle of nowhere?


Yeah… I was thinking of adding a secret or something.


Looks pretty good, Maybe you can add some structures in the water to make it feel a little less empty, but overall, nice build!


Hi there, just some things I noticed.

  1. There isn’t much to it, as you’ve said. Because there isn’t really much to it besides a tree on a rock in the middle of nowhere, I don’t really know what it…signifies. Most showcases on Roblox tell some sort of story through visuals, and while there are a few possible stories in correlation to your showcase, there aren’t many.

  2. Kinda going along with 1, I’d expand whatever it happens to be in, and then add some more objects to just kinda make more possibilities for stories players and viewers may draw from it.

Other than that, I really have nothing. It’s a good build, I think both the rock and the tree are meshes, which just raises the quality of the showcase even more. I don’t know if you were going for anything other than a tree on a rock, but like I said I’d expand it to feature at least 2-3 more things to draw storylines from. Great build, visually.

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it looks good, but i think you could add more details on the outer wall or some particals to make it look better.


Thank you for your feedback! I will 100% add some more stuff.


Not a lot to judge, its a tree on top of a rock in some random place haha… I would add more to it, making the rock/island bigger and adding other stuff like caves or whatever. good job


I would add more detail in, and some hidden stuff to make the game more interesting. Maybe make a tunnel that leads to an underground library, or something like that.

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Wow! Looks amazing! There is nothing much to change! I look forward to play your amazing game! :heart_eyes:

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It’s alright at the start of a showcase. Perhaps adding more realism to your showcase to make it unique and more interesting. However, I do got a few suggestions.

Adding bushes or plants and other lively objects on mountains could improve it. However things such as shrubs could add a lot in terms of variety to your build. The open view where there’s nothing in the water is pretty decent out empty, maybe something in the water like lily pads, tall grass, leaves falling from the tree?

You could perhaps placing objects along the wall to look more interesting (some vegetation on some plants growing out the walls could work. At the start hope you keep improving your showcase.

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I love the idea of a underground library! Thanks!

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I’m impressed with the rocks you made and the general theme of what you’re going for so far. Well done!

I would suggest a few small changes to what you have now:

  • Mess with the transparency of the water. I feel like it would look a bit more realistic if it was more transparent, but it’s up to personal taste.
  • Mess around with the current particle effects to make it feel more impressive.

To introduce new concepts for this, I would suggest adding some nature around it because it’s meant to signify the tree of life. Personally, I’d suggest adding water lilies since it’s surrounded by water.

I’d say increase the cave by adding more rocks, and move the angle of the light source/beam to make it make it more visible (I nearly missed it!) here. I’d also recommend messing around the lighting more to make it darker and have the source of light come from the cave entrance, and increase the size of the light beam.

You could add a stone path across the water with rocks, like this. You could also use smoky particle effects under the water and have it change colour to create a similar effect in the image.


Finally, I’d suggest making the tree bigger with more leaves.

Good work and good luck!


Thank you so much for your suggestions! They will really help me!

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