Feedback on my showcase games

Hello, I’ve been working on my 2 first showcase games. The other one has existed for a while now but the work on the Library started recently. Does anyone with more experience have any tips or tricks that could either make the games look better or reduce workload when it comes to making these games, I’d also appreciate some creative feedback on what kind of areas could fit (either of the games) because i’ve kinda not gotten any good ideas for new areas.

Both games are also public for those interested in the full experience.



robloxapp-20221202-1405406.wmv (146.0 KB)


Honestly, there’s not much feedback for me to give.
The builds are quite impressive.

Oh but, if I may ask, are the bookshelves meshes or actual models stacked atop eachother?

Oh god, imagine the part count if they were actual models xdd. They are meshes luckily.


Ah, alright.
After looking into the library one a little longer, I am still impressed. The clock part is incredibly interesting.