Feedback on my showcase type game?

I’m working on a royal gold hall type thing please send some feedback if you can thank you.

(54) The Hall Of Gold - Roblox

     I added some new stuff check it out if you want :D

Pls provide some screenshots of the game.

I would recommend you to raise the ceiling a bit, and maybe add some godrays coming through some windows to give it a less claustrophobic feeling. Also, play around with some reflections on your “Gold” to make it feel more metallic. Good job on the statue posing though, just don’t spam them :grinning:

The game has very little content so it’s difficult to critique. It’s literally just some statues and a chair in a gold room.

I’d recommend adding a lot more features and detail to the build. You could at least change the positioning of some of the statues since they’re all in one of two or three positions by the looks of it.