Feedback on my simulator game

Greetings! Me and BaconHair_Jacki have been working on a game named Music Simulator. I already know there’s another game based on the topic I chose. But, the account that created the game is terminated so I have no contact with him. Here are some pictures of the game put your feedback in the reply section thanks! :wink:

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Here are some more

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I really like it! Here is my feedback:

-Make the Frame in image 3 bigger, so it will cover the whole screen.
-Make everything more colourful and plastic, so it will look like a professional simulator game.

Keep developing it, I think that is a very nice simulator with a nice concept!


Thanks for the feedback! :heart:

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You should add more context on what to do in the game.
The overall lobby layout design is really basic and the only thing I really like is the tree. The UI looks really bland and the color doesn’t fit.
The creator sign doesn’t look appealing and the terrain is fairly odd looking,
It’s okay but can definitely be improved.

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I Personally think that’s it’s to simple , it’s unoriginal and isn’t creative
You could make more details and get more ideas [your own ideas] , and i can see that you used free models , so maybe you can give more efford to it, making your own things.
Also, it’s not only simple, the colors don’t match and the Shop gui button is to simple and is in a bad position, The start gui [Play] is also too simple, and the colors don’t match at all.


Maybe you can try making more things, new ideas, make your own things you know?
Free models can help some times, but you will always know that it isn’t yours, making the game lose some credibility.

You can improve it!

I never used free models I made it all from scratch.

Also can you point out where I used free models

You made that tree in the lobby?

Hi there,
I think that this is a good start to your game, however I do think that you should consider the following:

  • How would you continue to improve?

From what I can see, there is decent building and good decals, however I would recommend adding more to make it seem more welcoming to the player, as currently you just see trees and spawn locations.

Otherwise, this is a decent start and I definitely think that your game has potential!