Feedback on my Simulator map. (W.I.P)

The Simulator is called “Voodoo Simulator” and the theme for it is fantasy. Witch forest, Mushroom Zone, Dwarf Zone, etc. I would love to get a feedback from you and maybe some ideas thanks!

Link to the game


Hey, this looks super cool! I think maybe adding a few different variants of mushrooms and maybe different types of trees too. Also maybe some logs

Nice job though!


Add images to this post. Not clicking a link for is a link shortener you get from the mobile app;

A link shortener? It looks a lot longer than normal? There’s so much crap after the domain that doesn’t need to be there. Even is longer than

I suppose link “shortener” isn’t the right word, but believe me when I say Roblox owns the domain “”. Why else would it be in the Roblox mobile app?

Hmm, well the domain rb.lx would look better. I don’t know if .lx is possible, I don’t work with websites.

i just added some images. The link is safe i just copied it from the roblox mobile app.

Thank you! I will definitely add more variations. :slight_smile:

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Awesome! The last 2 images showing the outside lack something, maybe mushrooms or trees

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The thumbnails they don’t make it look like you want to join, if you want people to join make more colourful and more pleasing to tell the people what it is about for people to join but the game looks great I can tell you put a lot of time into it, keep it up. :+1:

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