Feedback on my Slap Battles Fangame

Hey there! I made a Fangame of Slap Battles, and I want your feedback. For the moment my game isn’t working because I’m a very bad scripter and I need a scripter (if you’re a good scripter and want to help us tell me!), so actually the game is in very early BETA, I just open it to show the actual gloves design and map. I also added badges.

I created this topic 1 day ago, and for the moment I don’t have any feedback… If you see this topic please try the game and tell me what I should add (except of course make the gloves working, because I know that I’m working on it).

To make the game popular you can add daily login, so when you enter lets say for 5 days, each day, you receive a special glove. In the rest of the days you may receive some additional slaps. Also you can add a like board with your goal, for example when you receive 10 likes, you can add either an update or a code which offers you stuff! The game looks good, so keep up! (Also be sure you anchored all the stuff since I feel like the cube which kills you is not anchored)

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll be sure to work ok this! I find your ideas very good! Have a good day!

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