Feedback on my small apartment

hey there ! I recently made a small apartment build, and I’d love some feedback and suggestions.

the game link if anyone wants to see it up close:

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Nice job :+1:

I only suggest moving the roof of the apartment up a bit or make the furniture smaller as the furniture looks huge in the apartment.

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It is a good build, but there is still room for improvement.

  1. The lighting is unnatural.

When the primary source of light is in a yellow tone neon, it is unnatural for the room to be lighted in a way that most of the place is blue. You may want to match the room color with the lamp color as well as the atmosphere.

  1. The design is intimidating.

The window has a black rim, which suggest grief and silence especially in the blue pitch, while it gives the player a feel that the FOV from the window is limited.
You may want to let the contrast between the window’s frame and the room to decrease so it looks less awkward.




Why every room have only one lamp?

they’re just there for the light. I wasn’t too focused on that

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