Feedback on My Small village?

Hey there. So I’m working on an RPG, and made a small village, and wanted feedback on it.
Please be honest, and if criticize it as I’m fairly new to Buidling in ROBLOX.


  • It’s trash
  • It’s bad
  • It’s decent
  • It’s good
  • It’s really good

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Anyways, thanks for taking your time to read this!


I would have rated it higher, however, I’m not sure what style you’re going for when you say “village”. I’m assuming it’s possibly a medieval-style village? I recommend some more decorations in the street like barrels, wood, stone blocks, and some other stuff like that. Overall, it is still a very nice build for a newer developer, so great job! Happy building :wink:!


To the people who voted “Its trash” maybe instead of voting you give tips to help him improve it? :slight_smile:


Forgot to mention, but yeah, I tried to go for a medieval style. And also, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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I really like the design of the build. The building diversity is nice, I dont see a repetition of more than maybe 3 buildings at once and it gives a pretty natural feeling to it.

Overall, it’s pretty good and I voted good, but I would add a bit of greenery like trees and shrubs for immersion. I’m assuming this is still indev so I may not be in the right place to say this also, but I think adding a bit of a more “lived in” feel to the streets would also be nice, like adding some more run down features and shop stands etc.

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Very Nice! I would make it a RPG game

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