[Feedback] On my snowy mountains

How does this look? And how can i improve it🤔


Just like @MrWindy’s FTF lobby. I love it!


The snowy mountains have a beautiful scene in my opinion, and I also like the way you added the white colors for the trees leaves, makes its appearance fit for the image because of the snow.
I saw also, your log cabins in the mountains and I do say you did a very good job in designing and adding cabins to your mountain.

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It’s great, similar to @MrWindy’s Flee The Facility lobby as told by @HASNPLAYZ.

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Looks pretty decent the design is nice. Overall, I like the build. However, is this some sort of lobby for a game or just a project you’re working on?

From looking around the area I’d honestly try adding more to the cabin at the moment there pretty plain and the cabins on the mountains look repetitive it won’t hurt to create other types of cabins consider placing some snow hanging off the mountains to create a more detailed look to it.

I suggest other types of trees around the area, maybe try including some grass coming through the snow. In my opinion, there could possibly be logs on the side of the cabins just something simple if you plan on adding that. The cabins could use a lot more improvements, try placing more things around the map that matches the theme your going for. Things like logs, more trees, rocks, different log cabins ect.

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Looks nice, simple, and pretty

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This looks really good! I like the overall design of the build!

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