Feedback on my soccer/football GFX

I’m currently working on a soccer/football experience and I’d like to share with you guys my GFX.


Looks really great, though it could improve.

Firstly, the soccer ball looks bizarre. Its edges seem too sharp and the texture doesn’t look like a soccer ball (not sure if this is intentional or not).
Secondly, it’s quite hard to make out what’s happening in the environment/background. The floor looks like a smooth flat plane, and the there isn’t really much except that. I think it would be better to add more to the environment so that the scene makes more sense.
Lastly, I think it could look pretty cool if the character’s clothing either had a normal map or simply becomes a 3d object, it’d add a lot more emphasis to the image.

The editing looks amazing, though. The little particles and the - correct me if I’m wrong - sort of radial blur around the character and ball. The lighting looks good, and everything overall fits together pretty well.

Nice job!


Yeah, it’s intentional. I’m making a sort of futuristic style experience.

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Wink as in I did not do a great job?

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No, just felt like adding a wink, it’s a nice emoji.


That looks really good! I like the colors and theme of the GFX.