Feedback on my some of my SCP GFX

So, if you haven’t noticed already, I’m making a SCP game.

I’ve made 2 gfx so far, and I would like to know what yall think of em.

The first GFX:

The second GFX:

All feedback and criticism is welcome!


Looks great, but I suggest getting a watermark to prevent your GFX from being stolen.


I’ll edit that in really quickly, thank you!

Probably would seem better if we could actually see it. The first image is incredibly hard to see on both my good and potato pc, so maybe outline the character and the railing more?

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The text looks is very dark for a dark image already.

Idk, on my screen it looks perfectly fine.

The 2nd shot “Never look away…” add another color it seems identical from the wall.

the never look away text eneds more light, remove all the blood, add neon parts and volumetric lighting, better posing and more stating images.

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The GFX has very low contrast which is not ideal for many devices. The majority of people don’t have their device brightness turned all the up, and with dark mode being popular, the GFX is going to suffer because nobody can make out what it is. I’d recommend trying to implement lighting that doesn’t take away from the theme/ambience you’re trying to set, maybe like a red backlight.

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