Feedback on my Sonic game

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This game is loosely based on Sonic Frontiers however it’s not near to being finished. The plan is that this game will be open-world or open-zone. I am looking for some feedback as I am a single developer and the current state of the game is unfinished and slightly buggy. I do however recommend setting the graphics quality to 5 as the game might lag. I might add that since the game is unstable it is set to only be played on a computer.
Here is the link to the game: Sonic’s Venture
Feedback is greatly appreciated

Edit 25/02/2023:
All updates moved here: Sonic's Voyage [Framework Overhaul] - Roblox


So I updated the game and it should run smoother also it has an icon now

Game is defaintly more than what I can do, although their are still some improvements to be made.

  • Broken Animations + Tposing
  • Momentum is gained in a strange way (Sonic starts off slow and then just randomly gains some speed)
    • Possibly the motion blur
  • Clipping going on in Sonics Eyes
  • Fast objects can fling Sonic, maybe make it so it pushes him the opposite way.

Other than that, If this was a full game, I would defiantly play it! though, I would want these two be fixed for a good experience.

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Thank you for your response. I have rolled out an update based on your suggestions however it’s not perfect and there still might be some issues.

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Theres still so much T posing and the momentum gain is goofy.

For T Posing, you could try loading all animations at the beginning of the game and play them when applicable, preload them with ContentProvider (i forget if you can do that), or editing the animate script, it depends how you have your animation controller made

For the goofy momentum, an easy route you can take is to tween the speed, and cancel the tween whenever they stop moving, not sure if theres a better route or if this is the best but thats how i would do it.

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I have updated the game however there is still some bugs present

I am migrated my game to my Roblox group
Here it is: Sonic’s Venture Migrated Version

Update 29/11/2022: Since Roblox has some limitations as well as issues within the game (lag, T-posing instead of animating, stuff not working properly, etc) I am in the process of porting this game to Unreal Engine 4

They grow up so fast!

I think that maybe this could have went in this topic, but it’s okay.

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I think you can do so much better with the boost trail… it’s made of particles. Using a trail effect object would be way better and, frankly, I would also set the time that it takes for it to disappear much much shorter. Other than that, great game! I couldn’t even think of doing a Sonic game myself without the Sonic Sound Engine.

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New version release with some fixed bugs: Sonic’s Voyage 2023 [Test Phase: 1]

Edit 25/02/2023:
All updates moved here: Sonic's Voyage [Framework Overhaul] - Roblox