Feedback on my space survival game Space Troubles!

Hello, I’m working on a space survival game, I already asked for feedback some times ago but I want new ones because I changed a lots of things! Here is the game link and please don’t hesitate to point out bad things. I hope there isn’t too much bugs but don’t hesitate to point them out too ! (There may be a bug where you spawn in the void but I’m stuck for that)


What you need to fix or add. I think you should make the spaceships more futuristic. Everything was against me but I can just stay inside and nothing got me and I never died. But if you make some changes then your game should be good. I disliked the banner at the top so you should make it smaller so it doesn’t take up some much space. I love the idea and I think if you make the game correctly your game should be a huge success

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Yea I don’t really know how to do things to kill players in a fair way I’ll try to work on that. The banner should take 1/10 of the screen vertically so I thought it was good , maybe I’ll make it more transparent but I’m afraid that if I make it smaller it’ll render badly on small screens

You can make the banner pop up when something will happen

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