Feedback on my spaceship design?

What are you working on currently?
Well, I’m gonna make another GFX and I made the scene for it, I want people to rate how good it is. I’m concerned on how would I fit the tunnels into the main area. The theme for the GFX is a spaceship.

Feedback is appreciated! :smiley:

Main Area

Mainframe (Below Ground Level)

Tunnel Design


Looks epic in my opinion. You should add some monitors or TVs that display the spaceship’s status such as the current temp, location in the universe, and more. Keep it up! :+1:

Also, you should add desks and monitering stations with moniters and tvs, like @i_nternationaI said.

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Looks good so far I’d recommend making better lighting

Overall, the design looks pretty good. I do feel that its a little bland and could use some color and extra detail.

I’d suggest adding some colors to the walls. You don’t have to color the whole wall, but instead, add some simple stripes that can be given a texture.

The suggestion above has some great ideas that could help bring out the spaceship scene. Having small details like a control panel, monitors, etc will help you achieve your theme further.

I’m not a builder or anything, heck, i am just learning the basics to code, but it is a bit empty

I suggest adding more detail such as screens or wall designs, so far though it’s looking good.

Hello everyone! Thanks for giving feedback.

As of now, I’m requesting feedback if the shape does look good, I’ll be decorating the ship soon as the design and the layout of the ship looks good, thanks!

  • Rocky (Taffy7RBLX)