Feedback on my Spiderman Simulator thumbnail

I have made a thumbnails for my Spiderman Simulator. What do you think ?

Also if you want to test the game here a link:


Wow looks amazing just the background doesn’t soot the person but other then that good job.

Hello @Pasla03 I believe that the background was exaggeratedly clear, if I were to choose a game by its cover I would definitely choose one with some battle scene of him against a villain or even taking a risky jump, just in my opinion because it’s yours :sunglasses:

It looks decent if this is your first or second time making a thumbnail but I don’t really think this would work in the long run. It doesn’t look too great and you should deffidently hire someone to create a GFX thumbnail for the game.

Some suggestions for this thumbnail:

  • The background doesn’t suit the theme of the game, you should have a city background
  • If you look on the edge of spiderman it has a jagged outline which is pretty easy to see if you pay attention
  • The logo deffidently needs some work, the font looks cartoony and should be something more like this:

What application / website did you use to create the thumbnail?

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I think it looks pretty good. Instead of the background you’re using right now, you could try replacing it with a city.

Okay thank ! For the background I use it for speed effect but it doesn’t seem to work for you. :neutral_face:

Thank ! I will see what I can do about the background

Okay thank for the advice I will see what I can do.
I use canva for the logo, roblox for spiderman and I use gimp to assemble the image and for the background.

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Thank you for your advice I will see what I can do :grinning:

It’s fine if you like it that is what matters but I would add like a web on his hand and a city background to make it seem like he’s swinging from building to building.

The lines on the feet look a little strange and the background doesn’t match.
The posing is pretty good though