Feedback on my Star Wars UI

Made some Star Wars UI for my one of my favorite Roblox games, Star Wars: Heroes vs Villains. What do you think of it?


It looks quite basic. You should try and make the buttons in Photoshop and have them outlined with like saber effects.

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I unfortunately do not have Photoshop, this was made entirely in Roblox Studio

Ah. You can probably use for it. ( Is the website I think)

This gives me phantom forces vibes, looks good!

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The colors and fonts go great! Although, some elements look rather clumped together. I have a few suggestions that don’t require any third party software:

For the topbar (“Play”, “Menu”, “Collection”, etc), I recommend that instead of checking TextScaled, which is what it looks like, adjust the TextSize to be the same for all the buttons. It would improve the consistency, because “Collection” and “Options” look a bit clumped compared to the rest of the buttons in the topbar.

For the player’s info, I like how you put a Star Wars character for the picture. However, instead of putting the credits display right underneath the player’s name, you could position it in the bottom-right corner. I think it would look neater that way. Also, you could improve the design of the currency display by adding an icon for “Credits” and maybe a button that allows the player to buy more.

Here’s an example:

Hope my feedback helps improve your UI! Good luck.

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