Modern Piggy UI Creation

I’m sure a lot of you have heard of the record-breaking Piggy game on Roblox. I decided to recreate it’s UI and add a more modern, sleek style to it. This isn’t great, and I’m not a UI Designer, but I recently upgraded to the newest version of Photoshop and wanted to test out some skills. The thumbnail was not made by me.

Leave some feedback?
Srauf. :slight_smile:


Great work, it’s looking so great as compared to my UIs. lol


I think your design is nice and simplistic. The fonts, colors, and outline design all fit your idea of a “modern” theme.

I would, however, change the size of the last UI element (the Piggy Tokens, I think is what it’s called) to be just a little smaller, and position it in one of the corners. That way, only the more interactive buttons are in the middle of the screen, vs. the currency display which is settled in its corner. Plus, if you were to continue with your design (e.g. design the UI for the shop), the currency display wouldn’t need to be re-positioned since it’s not covering anything by being in a corner.

Otherwise, amazing work! I highly suggest continuing with your design.


Good Job! I like the UI, It’s very simple and clean. However, I would maybe change the fact that the plus sign where you can buy more tokens is on the piggy symbol, maybe move it to the right of the piggy tokens bar. Other than that, great work!

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Thank you! I’ll be sure to update you if I continue the piece. <3

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