Feedback on my store I made

Title couldn’t say it more clearer, I was told last time to add more detail to the walls of my buildings such as bricks and also to add frames to my windows.


It’s not bad! I really like the blue color you chose and I think it will look good in game!

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Thanks! If you are interested the color pallet follows the CMYK color theorem

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The white parts to the side doesn’t look right. You should remove them.

I like the simplicity of it

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What specifically makes them look bad? Just confused cause I was told to add bricks. Did I add them poorly? If so where do I imrpove at

You should add the bricks like this

Not this

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Agh I see, there is no gap and they are too thick?

They are way too big and you need to space them out.

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Looks good but it could be better.

To start off, the bricks are scaled and positioned weirdly. By that I mean you only have bricks on the side and those bricks are very large, they’re actually intended to be smaller. You could also vary the positioning of the bricks by removing some bricks, and moving some to the front to give it consistency.

Also, the window is too big. It takes up half the width of the building and is as tall as a normal roblox player. You want to make sure your proportions are right.

Lastly, the text on the store icon doesn’t really stand out. The font could be better, maybe something that’s “all-caps” so it stands out more.

All in all, nice job. I look forward to seeing your progress.


The model is good, but I advise you to use fewer bricks, such oversights sometimes spoil the whole beauty of the creation.

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It’s pretty good but needs more work. Now, I’m no builder by all means, in fact I’m quite the opposite. But here are some recommendations. First off, the size of bricks. They are WAY TOO BIG, like for real maybe scale them down a bit so that they are small and more proportionate to the player . Second, like @zosify said, the window is also way too big make it proportionate to the player. What I like to do when building is insert a dummy from the roblox default plugin to see how big your build is compared to the player. The height I would say is fine for the build but make the door a bit wider and taller than the player, maybe like 2-3 studs taller, and maybe one or even less studs wider.

Other than that it’s a pretty good build.

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