Feedback on my student science lab showcase

This is my science lab build that I made for a school project and for my portfolio. All assets were made in Roblox studio (apart from the decals… I just took some from google) and it took me 3 hours to build.

I’m posting it here because I am looking for feedback since I want to try and improve on these types of builds.

(I might fix the lighting, since I kinda rushed it)


What a wonderful idea!
If you’re going for the cartoon style, consider using Plastic OR Smooth Plastic, rather than a mix of the two. Also, consider using curves to your advantage and have some type of set scale for your creations. See about changing the color of the walls in darker areas to a lighter brown if you plan to keep those areas dark in your second round.

If this project is graded, I wish you well.


I truly like your build. I like what @Makeineer said about using Plastic OR Smooth Plastic. I think that consistency is key, but I am a person that leans more toward mid-poly builds. (In case you don’t know) This means that shapes are basic like a low poly build, except you add the classic roblox textures. So you may have those brown parts with the wood texture but make the books smooth plastic. I think that the build itself is just incredible and I think it looks really good. Keep up the good work!


Thanks for the feedback! And yes, I am going for a cartoon style and will take your feedback on using a set scale and curves to the build.

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