Feedback on my Submarine Mesh

Hello comrades.

I would like some feedback on a submarine model I created using Blender. It is a Project 885 Yasen class submarine, however it contains some components (mainly mast configuration) of the Yasen-M class boats. One is currently in service with the Russian Navy.

A few things to note:
This is the sixth warship model I have created. However, it is the first I created after seeking some more technical modeling advice. In other words, I’m a novice modeler, but I am not completely green.

The model is meant for a showroom I have created on Roblox.

Following are front and aft images.

As mentioned earlier; comments and suggestions would be welcome.


I think the top is a bit too high poly compared to the rest of the model. You might want to texture paint some lines on to it, according to the images on google. Other than that, I have no problems with it.

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Good to know. I have a fair way to go before hitting the triangle limit, so I should be able to make those changes. Thanks.