Feedback on my Sword Combat System!

Hello Everyone! I Recently made a Sword Combat system for a future game that I am going to make.
For now i made a demo, and I need feedback.

Here Are Videos on how the mechanics Works:

  • Attacks:
    There Are Two[Currently] Types of Attacks, One is a Light Attack, And A Heavy Attack.

  • Blocking:
    Blocking, Blocks attacks from light attacks but gets Knockback when hit by a Heavy Attack while blocking.

  • Roll:
    Rolling is a way to Dodge enemy’s attack, and can be used as a gap closer.

  • Parry
    This can be achieved by blocking at the right time. Making the Enemy that got parried unable to attack and move for a certain amount of time.

That’s Everything(For now).
Here’s a PVP Video[Me Vs Friend]:

There are a few bugs that i am aware of, I am Currently Fixing Them.
Thank you for checking this out
Feedbacks are always appreciated.
If you want to play the game Here you go:


i like the animations this game is soo cool i see potential in this game


Sword system is looks hot dude, scripts are ideal.
But man above me said that animations are cool, well, cant say so,
Steps look too fast to be honest and they are very short, just feels like there is some baby in armor, running hella strange.
RMB/Heavy Attack is pretty slow, so person can dodge that in seconds or just start to combo you. (3 times slower than LMB/Light attack)


Hey guys , thanks for the feedback , I’ll try to make changes.
As for azazinchic’s feedback
i am using inverse kinematics for the legs of the characters
the animation for the character is overlapping the IK, and it’s making weird stuff
for the cause i don’t know to be honest i might fix the animation in the animation editor if that helps

just feels like there is some baby in armor, running hella strange.

As for the Heavy attack i don’t know how many seconds it should have

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You did a great mechanics on animation. Everything looks great. A suggestion is adding a sound affect for the dash! If a game that looks something like this comes out, I’d definitely play!

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The whole animation is well made but i think you need add animations of jump and when you die or you kill someone to have ragdoll.

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Thanks for The Feedback I’ll keep your suggestion in mind!
I appreciate it :slight_smile:

not bad, however running away ruins the whole point. there should be a cool down between how you can use your shield ability, and overall more strategy rather than just run, hit, block, go back.

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Don’t wanna sound negative, this is definitely playable! Only thing is, reduce the player speed and make it so your character points at the player.

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Good point I’ll consider it
I probably add something like stamina so people will think more of their ability
as for

im working on this

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Really good! What captured my attention is the sound. It makes it just a bit more realistic but adds a lot to the experience. Nice job!

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very simple, nothing much to say about it.

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