Feedback on my Sword

Hello Developer Forum, I have just modelled my first sword, any feedback is much appreciated! I was going for a cartoony-ish style sword for my game, Sword Simulator.

Thank you!

All feedback helps!
Blender Sword


As a first build, this is amazing. Something that did stand out to be is at the bottom of the sword, the sphere is large compared to the entire sword. Other than that this is a great first sword build. I encourage you to keep learning and improving! Practice is the key.

This sword looks pretty nice and good enough to deal some heavy damage if used, but I really don’t think the handle looks well made because it looks short and needs a bit of work. The blade on the other hand looks well made and simple.

I would like to see more pictures on different perspective on each side so I can get a better look at things.

Looks like a decent attempt! The design of the model is nice to give the blade more of a natural feel try adding designs into it rather then it looking plain however that is just a simple suggestion.

I would suggest- since what i’m assuming your new to modeling weapons or different models is to try learning how to create different forms or shapes, the handle is still missing from the sword piece and it doesn’t quite look like a full sword. The smooth shaded parts has a more alright design but i’ll try putting more time and effort into it as it seems like a unfinished design.

If you are still continuing finishing up this model try using a reference image to get the full body properly correct and well together at the start i’m curious it’s since it seems a little early in development.

Other than that, first model looks quite decent.