Feedback on my team's new logo


Me and my tiny team which we call Nexted have come up with our new logo. Criticism is what I am looking for here as only 4 eyes have gazed upon this logo (if you do the math, that’s two people :joy:). Also, do note: the measurements and other blueprint artifacts are a part of the logo! However, the text “NEXTED COPYRIGHT 2021” is NOT a part of the logo.



  • Do you think this is a logo at first glance? If not, what context would it in?
  • Does it look coherent?
  • Does it look balanced in terms of details?
  • Are there any changes that you would have made on your own?

Really amazing! Definitely can tell it’s done by professionals that know what they’re doing. Got to wonder though, are you using true black or off black? Same for the white, is it an off-white or pure white?

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If i was to see this logo, I would definitely know the group that this logo is for develops. It has a coherent “making/ craft” theme to it, and it looks very balanced!

I would suggest maybe making the “inside” lines of the lettering dotted lines


Thank you, I hope to improve on my skills further. But I do have to ask this: what is an off-white/black? They both are pure black and white (rgb 255 and 0)

Excellent idea! That’s why we make devforum posts :slight_smile:
I will soon post a follow up on this thread with your suggested changes.

An off white/black would be (suggests the name) an off of black/white. Instead of having #000000 or #ffffff use something more off of it like #262626 (off-black) #efefef (off-white).

You can play around with these until you get the exact off white/black you want. :slight_smile:

off white

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