Feedback on my Teapot Tycoon Remake

Hi everyone,

This game is based off of Teapot Tycoon by FreshBakedPie. It was popular around 2008-2010s but became unplayable later on and FreshBakedPie’s account has been terminated.

If you haven’t played it before, the goal is to plant teapots and unlock stuff in the tycoon. It is not an exact copy, I am incorporating some of my ideas into the game. I am currently working on the saving system, so nothing will be saved.
Tycoon and Cash are now saved as of 6/27 (I just need to save non-harvested teapots)

What are some things I could add to make this game more engaging? Are the prices of the teapots / buttons fair?

Please let me know your thoughts and thank you for your time!

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Tycoon games are not my cup of tea, but I can rate some things.

  • **So the game is inspired by another game from 2008, so I like the old roblox style

(like the textures of the parts and stuff)**.

  • There should be save data since release, the data isn’t there, so some players can play it for maybe over 30 minutes, then their internet goes down and progress is lost. That’s too bad, but you said you’re working on it at the moment. but you just have to understand that I mean it well.

( If you want to ask me for an idea or the whole script or just help you can contact me)

  • These cups aren’t as good as I thought they would be = they’re just kind of spread sideways, and that can be distracting to some people

  • The next thing is the harvesting tool, I really don’t know why it’s there if there is no tool ( e.g. shovel, spade.) If you don’t want to add any tool, a better way would be to add some button above the cups that says something like harvest and when you click on it or press ‘E’ on the keyboard, it will take them out of the dirt.

  • The **Harvesting animations will look good, I know it’s an old game but it will look really nice if you just add r6 or r15 animations, It will bring the old roblox feel with the new.

( but that’s just an idea of how you could maybe improve the game )**.

  • The Cup model is not that good, they have some bugs and stuff and that part seems unfinished.

For example.

  • The purchase buttons should have a normal texture, as an “old” player I don’t know why but I don’t really like the texture of the purchase buttons, they should have a normal texture with different colors.

For example.

for spending 1 - 100 money, the button will have a green collor

for spending 100 - 1000 Money, the button will have orange collor

for spending 1000 - 10000 money, the button will have red color

for spending 10000 - 1M Money, the button will have purple color

( but some may like it, but I don’t like it much )

But this game have potential to glow up.


I like the game but some things can be fixed or added.

The rating are something like 8.5/10 for me.)

Good luck in advancing in the game and I wish you the best game stats.

For any informations just ask me.


Thank you for your input, I really like your idea about the harvesting tool so I will definitely change what I have.

I’m a little confused on this sentence:

Can you elaborate on this? How can I make this better?


Scale it somehow. In this image they are just feel like stretched. But maybe it is only in my mind.


but everything is positive then, I would love to finish the game when the save data will be added! And i will play the game sometimes now.

and thank you for the change with harvesting tool, really I appreciate it.


Oh I see it now, thanks again! :grin:

I’ll try to finish the saving function asap.


Good luck and wish you the best in real life and the progress in your game.



i can rate your every update if you want xd and for any idea or help you can contact me


I am a HUGE fan of this game…that being said, there are many things that could be done differently.

I like how players can claim plots, grow teapots, harvest them, and then buy upgrades. As a player who joined around 2017-2018, I can’t say that I am super familiar with the “old” style of games, however, it all looks very similar to old-ish styled games, which is fantastic. Player saving is a major part of this and I think it was pulled off very well. If you need any help with saving the growing teapots, let me know and I can send some info/help your way.

Things I would change:

  • Currently, the marketplace is quite far away. With the game styled after “older” games, it would make sense not to put it in a GUI, however, adding more marketplaces around the map may be helpful if the map gets any bigger.
  • Another user-experience-related tweak I would make would be to add sounds/effects to each of the buttons. This way, the player knows if they have bought something or not.
  • In the player’s backpack/hand/whatever-you-want-to-call-the-bottom-row-of-buttons (lol), there should be a multiplier happening when players buy teapots. For example, if a player buys three “Original Teapots” to grow, they all appear as separate items. Why not make them together? That way instead of having 3 different tools, it could just be 1 that goes up. So if a player buys two, it now says "Original (x8) instead of 2 “Original (x4)”.
  • Something else that is worth changing would be the button color of the teapots. Right now, only things within a certain cash range are different colors, but it would be helpful to players if there was an exception for teapot purchasing buttons.

Other than that, the game looks awesome and I can’t wait to see how it grows.

Again, let me know if you need any help for certain features that you would like to add.


Thank you so much for your input! I’ll add those to my list of updates :grin:. Working on this game has been pretty fun so far !


Glad to hear that it has been fun! Hope these ideas don’t run you into too many problems.


Even if it did it’ll be another learning experience for me lol


Hey, bro.

I found something wrong that may prevent players from continuing to play your game.


As you can see, I have 4 Money, but I was disconnected when my teapots were growing and now the teapots are gone and I can’t do anything. This discourages players from playing your game, they can’t do anything about it.

Any tips on how to fix this:

  • Lower the price for the first teapots = teapots will cost less than 5 money.

  • Teapots on the map = some teapots can spawn randomly on the map and players can find them, if they find them they can plant them normally, I think this can be quite a good challenge for players because they have to explore the map.

And much more.

I also have some tips for the next update:

  • Some teapots will need water to grow, if there is no water, the teapots can’t grow. It will be good if you add something to water the dirt with the teapots, but you will have to take water from the lake on the map and maybe for 1000 money you can buy an automatic water system. ( also can be added th
    rain that can automatically water the teapots).

That’s all.

If you have any questions, ask me.


Sorry that happened to you, I am currently trying to save the non-harvested teapots so I’ll let you know once I update the game. Which seeds did you have? It’ll be reimbursed in the next update.

I just found out about datastore2 and might use that instead of Roblox’s datastore…

Thank you for bringing up this issue to me, I’ll try to get it fixed by the end of the day.

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The classic one
( the first pink teapots).

Good luck!

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Teapots are being saved now, I’m still trying to figure out how to save the current size ( since it’s being tweened) but I can reimburse you whenever you’re in-game

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Good work my man, im just in the game.