Feedback on my Terrain

Recently I was practicing some terrain and decided to make an oasis.
I want to ask you guys what could I add to make this better or what can I change.


Link to game : Oasis terrain practice - Roblox


Hello. The terrain looks very good, but due to the terrain being a desert, I think the trees don’t fit in.

Example: image

This is entirely up to you, but if you want it to be realistic, I suggest changing the trees.

Or, you can do little bushes as shown below:

Very good terrain skills, though. Keep it up!


Thank you! I’ll definitely put the bushes into consideration.

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Pretty good start! I would suggest using the smooth tool to make some of the terrain less blocky/rocklike.

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Honestly, this looks really good! But there are a few problems…

Cacti are great for desert ‘trees’.

And the little pond of water should have a little grass surrounding it. Random pools of water aren’t surrounded by sand.

Edit: I just saw the cacti. Keep the trees near the water, and put em in grass terrain.


Your “Desert Oasis” has a. Nice style to it i really like the terrain shape and the design, you added to the terrain such as the mountains. Going over the water i think it looks really good with the different! Details you added all through the terrain however. I would try adding some more details to your oasis terrain. Just to give it that full oasis look to ti such as adding some sahara grass, rocks, fern, little rocks, ect. Next to the little water pond and around the whole, terrain just so it could like the real life ones you will mostly see! These kind of details in oasis villages. And just out there in the open desert you could try! Implementing some of those palm trees around the pond and in different places. Around the terrain there could be a lot of different, vegetation details around your terrain so it could more realistic. However the design you’ve made right know looks really nice, but i would recommend adding the final details overall. You have done a great job on your oasis desert! I also would try adding little rocks inside the grass so it could look more improved.

As well try adding some tall grass and little. Bushes surrounding the water area so it, could give it that oasis feel to it such as the following barley, millet, figs, dried grass, ect. You don’t have to add a bunch of details since the area! Your making is just a lush green area. In the middle of a desert, around a natural spring or a well. It is almost a reverse island, but like i said above it would be best to add these! Final details just to give your oasis desert, a little more details to it so it. Could look more better and improved just try doing something like that i know! IT would turn out really good however if you. Don’t Plan on adding other different vegetation these could be here for your. Future (Oasis terrain Practice) projects and that way, you could practice your terrain skills and improve, by adding some more plants and other! Vegetation around the environment. Anyways you have a very nice i like the little pond you implemented in the middle of the oasis desert!!

Anyways aside all of that going into details i think your (Oasis Desert), has a very nice style to it i know it will look more better with the final vegetation. Around different places in the map such as the pond, trees, and the whole jungle itself! But i do know your not trying to go for a realistic look you always want, to keep it realistic which is amazing however. I do believe you where planning on adding all the details i listed above however, if you needed vegetation or was going to think of other ideas those are some i’ll! Add since these kind of vegetation are all in different kind of desert even villages. Overall You have done a amazing job on it i know it will look more improved with the final details it’s suppose to have in the desert. Featuring the other vegetation and plants and i really like the oasis set you have here nicely done on your terrain design.

The trees that are listed above known as “Joshua Trees”, those are the trees you don’t want to implement inside your oasis desert. Since your going for a oasis desert, and not a (Mojave Desert) the desert hes remaking always. Have palm trees surrounded around the pond!



The terrain looks amazing, but because the terrain is a desert I personally don’t think the trees fit in to well, the cacti are good however. You could use the smooth tool to make the terrain look more realistic and less rocky.

However amazing start well done! :slightly_smiling_face:

Determining the way roblox has terrain rendered, this is quite well made! The trees do need some work though, but I’m assuming your just focusing on the terrian. To be honest, this is quite well made! Although try adding red sand around areas (For Example, The Water) to give it variety. Other than that, good job! :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks for the criticism. Appreciated! If you had read the post you would have seen its an Oasis.

As you can see in this picture of an Oasis there are trees.

Very neat!
I’d recommend using the grow tool and maybe adding some limestone material to the sides of pillars.
Also growing some rocks would maybe help it looks a bit nicer.

Some of the water also looks a bit off, might want to look into that.

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Looking good, but needs to look fuller. Try experimenting with different textures of terrain other than just sand. And maybe add some more plants.

sort of harsh don’t you think? this guy could be 8 years old and be his first thing he made. Even if he is 18 still doesn’t matter everyone starts some where.


Well it still doesn’t excuse your harshness. He could be someone learning how to make smooth terrain builds which certainly takes time to practice and perfect. Sure it’s hard criticism but don’t lash at him so many times when one was enough


Hello there!

It seems that this thread has been replied to thoroughly although I believe some concluded thoughts could definitely improve your build as a whole!

1) Firstly, as mentioned above, it’d be great to look at reference before starting a build. Look at plenty of different types of deserts and how they work with each other. I’d recommend playing around with MaterialColors which can be found in Terrain under Workspace. The default colors that Roblox gives you aren’t always the best!

2) Within the Editor I always like to use a combination of the Cube and Sphere shape at different sizes just dabbing the terrain that you create with the Region tool. This creates variety and something that Bob Ross would do! Furthermore, once you’ve created your hilly mountains and have the variety you like with different shades you can use the Erode and Grow tool on the ground to create the small indents and rocky surfaces that a desert would have.

3) I like to use ‘Ground’ and ‘Mud’ in small patches on sand or ground whichever material I’m working with. You can change the colors of the Ground and Mud in MaterialColors as explained above to be a similar shade to the sand. Upon completion, you’ll have an oasis that is more realistic and has different shades of sand so that it doesn’t look like one blob of icecream! Haha.

4) Lastly, I’d recommend just trying your best and making many different tree models as it’ll take a couple tries before you have something that looks great and realistic. Don’t give up, you won’t get it on your first try. Terrain takes lots of practice to master and lots of time looking at reference pictures. Go with the flow, see what works and try different combinations you’ll get there.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

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In reality it took me an hour and a half. And this was meant for practice.

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