FeedBack On My Three Builds

Hey Fellow Developers, I recently became a builder and im practicing on my building so it will be nice if you guys can tell what to improve of my builds.

Thank you for your time.



Sci-Fi HallWay:

White Room:

i also noticed in the White Room there is outside light clipping through the walls of the building so it would be really helpful if somebody can help me with that one sorry i made a spelling mistake


you got some light clipping through the white room, just pointing it out…

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Ahem ahem.

I pointed it out, have a nice day :wink:

I’m not really sure what these are supposed to be. I would work on having references to other real-life counterparts and design from there. These look generic and empty.


These three builds look great! Nice job on them!

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thank you! It took me awhile to build these things.