Feedback on my Thumbnail!

My first thumbnail in 3 months, let me know what you all think. Please give me some feedback!


That looks really good, flawless art, the lightning, the materials, the details match so well. 10/10 :+1:

There is nothing I can see that you can improve on. Keep up the good work

That thumbnail looks great, one thing that bugs me is the graininess in the background and I think that is caused because of your sampling, if you increased it a bit it would be amazing. 10 / 10

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It’s very detailed, the lighting is not too dark or too bright and goes well with the surroundings, the posing of the characters is also done very nicely! Overall great job! :smile:

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One thing that you could improve on however, is repetition, the same swords have been used over and over again as well as the clothing, that’s the only aspect, I thought could be improved in this thumbnail, other than that, great job! :smile: