Feedback on my tree

I made a new better tree for my game how does it look?? any tips on making it better??

what are those green neon bricks


Tips on perhaps making it look better would be to make the green boxes various sizes and perhaps use the grass or leafy grass material for them.

Use spheres for the leaves, use the grass texture instead of neon, and maybe change the trunk so it’s not so skinny at the top.

I think that your tree looks pretty good but as other people have said, I think you should change the variations of sizes of the leaves ( I would make the leaves a bit bigger). And you can add in different textures for the wood and the leaves if you wanted to make it a bit more realistic. But other then that great job!

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those are the leaves for the tree

those are some weird leaves

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Look, the root looks good and all and I see that you maybe made it in some modeling program probably? Why not make the leaves too because first of all the texture doesn’t suit neither does the shape of it lol so just try to make up something else for the leaves.

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The trunk is okay, the leaves, not so much. You should make them bigger, more shapes and have them connect like a real tree.


I like it, it’s original, but if you want to make it realistic add more details to the leaves.

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From what it looks like, the trunk was made in Blender or another modeling software but the leaves are from Studio. If you are using Blender, you can make a model for the leaves, like an Isosphere, and import the tree with leaves into Studio with a texture for color. If you don’t want the hassle of making a texture, import the leaves separately and give them the Grass texture and scale them accordingly.

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I recommend going to YouTube and finding a low poly nature tutorial. The one I like the most is the How to Make Low Poly Nature (Blender Tutorial) by Ryan King Art. He makes a easy to follow video that can help improve the leafy areas.

It honestly looks like you got a lowpoly free model of the workspace, removed the leaves, and added green neon bricks to replace the leaves. (Not trying to be mean though) For the minimum, make the bricks larger, maybe a little transparent, and give it a grass texture.

It’s not a free model I promise you

Oh, sorry about that! I would try making the leaves match the quality of the tree a bit more.