Feedback On My Tycoon Kit

(Im not sure if this topic should belongs here)

Hello! Im Duckstz and a Few Days ago I made A Kit for tycoons!

It Has Custom Button Text and I would like to show it and get Feedback!
Here are some images!

Anything I Should Change?

I don’t think so, it’s the most mainstream tycoon system and there is nothing more self-explanatory and oversimplified than what you currently present.

i have no idea if this is your plan, if this isn’t what you’re looking to optain, then precise it.

It doesn’t really look like it should be in development support (That’s what I think it’s in) Since you aren’t asking for support/tips on something. Maybe development discussion, or feedback (I think there’s one) or cool,creations would be better

I think the kit is good (Read above)